Have you ever wondered if there’s a difference between pasta and noodles? People tend to use the two terms pretty interchangeably. It’s reasonable to think that if pasta is a noodle, then all noodles are also pasta. However, this isn’t the case! Here, we’ll show you what the difference is between pasta and noodles so that you’ll never get the two confused.

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What is a Noodle?

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Noodles can be a catch-all term. When you think about all of the variations, recipes, and uses for noodles, they all have one thing in common—that melt-in-your-mouth, velvety softness. There’s not much chew to classic noodles, and that’s by design.

Most noodles are made with super-fine milled grains, giving them that soft, slippery texture. Keep in mind that noodles don’t necessarily have to be made with wheat, either. There are plenty of varieties produced from rice, vegetables, and beans such as edamame. This is what truly separates noodles from pasta!

What is Pasta? 

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Pasta is a stand-alone noodle class. To better understand, think of carbs as a family tree. Noodles and pasta are on the same main branch, just forked.

Pasta is exclusively Italian, as it is made with durum wheat, Italy’s main wheat varietal. The texture and mouthfeel also set pasta apart from noodles. There’s a delicately rougher edge to pasta, and it is not slippery nor soft. The chew, also known as the al dente doneness, is a necessity for this style of cuisine so it can stand up to robust sauces, meaty toppings, and aggressive twirling. While the difference may seem subtle, it makes a world of difference when cooking authentic Italian cuisine!

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Make Your Own Noodles and Pasta


Cooking from scratch can really elevate any meal. If you’re looking to test your hand at making something new, try rolling up your sleeves and making some homemade noodles or pasta. It will be much easier to do now that you know the difference between the two! Whether you’re a noodle newbie or have experience creating delicious pasta dishes, cooking from scratch is definitely worth the little extra effort.

To get you started, both noodle and pasta recipes each begin with the ideal ratio for making the dough. Use one large egg to one cup of flour to two tablespoons of water. This ratio serves one, so you can adjust depending on how large your group is.

If you choose to use durum wheat as your flour of choice, you’ll be making pasta. If you choose to use any other type of flour, you’ll be making noodles. Either way, you’re sure to produce a fantastic meal.

Check out our blog post on How to Make Homemade Pasta for even more great tips!

Use Tantillo Pasta

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If making pasta from scratch isn’t your forte, but you’re still craving the culinary comforts of Italian cooking, turn to Tantillo Foods. We’re thrilled to offer a selection of imported pasta made with old-world methods and the choicest ingredients. Each small batch of our pasta is crafted using the coveted durum wheat, which provides a rich, golden hue and perfect chew. We then add in pure water to ensure that they will maintain a clean, fresh flavor in every batch—giving you the truest, traditional taste of pasta.

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Knowing what the difference is between pasta and noodles will help you serve up fantastic dishes. However, you’re going to need more than just the pasta or noodles to provide bold flavors. When you’re ready to start making your meal, shop Tantillo Foods for everything you need. We offer a range of traditional imported pasta sauces, artisanal pastas, exquisite olive oils, and tangy vinegars to complete your Italian cooking experience. Cover all of your bases with our traditional and delicious ingredients!

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  1. I am very grateful that I now know the actual difference between noodles and pasta — I was wrong all of these years! Thank you for explaining this in a well-thought-out blog!

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