The Best and Worst Cooking Oils for your Health

There’s a debate among dietitians about how to categorize cooking oils and advise consumers on ways to employ them in their cooking. This makes healthy eating decisions a little complicated when it comes to cooking oils. In this post, we’ll break down the discussion to better explain some of the best and worst cooking oils for your health. Tantillo Foods Cooking Oils are made with high-quality, premium ingredients, making them a great selection for all of your cooking needs. Order a bottle today! Balancing the Fatty Acid Scale “Fatty acids” are molecules that make up fats. More specifically, fatty acids…

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How to Cook Pasta in Instant Pots and Slow Cookers

Pasta is a staple dinner item, but it can sometimes be a production to create. Luckily, we know a few handy hacks for cooking pasta with slow cookers and instant pots that will give you some precious time away from the stove to relax. And, as a bonus, we’ll show you how to take the slow out of slow cooker with some quick noodle-cooking methods and one-pot pasta tips. Here’s how to cook pasta in instant pots and slow cookers! How to Pressure Cook Pasta Pressure cooking pasta is great for a few reasons. It cuts the cooking time in…

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How to Infuse Your Olive Oil

If you’ve ever been shopping in a gourmet market, you’re sure to have purchased beautiful olive oils mixed with all kinds of herbs and spices. While those bottles make great gifts and improve your dishes, what if you could make those same oils yourself? Here, we’ll explore how to infuse your olive oil at home! It’s simple, easy, affordable, and most importantly, extremely flavorful. Shop high-quality olive oils at Tantillo Foods and start infusing fantastic flavors today! How to Use Infused Oils Infused oils are best used for drizzling, dipping, or as an ingredient for vinaigrettes. If you cook with…

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How to Make Pasta with Ready Made Sauce

Busy, tightly packed schedules and time-crunched dinners are the status quo. Finding time to cook meals from scratch might not fit into everyone’s routine, even though we often crave a well-cooked, delicious meal. However, fast and easy cooking doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fantastic flavor. Take pasta, for instance. You can make a great meal with just a few store-bought ingredients! Here’s how to make pasta with ready made sauce for a meal that’s as equally delightful as it would be if you spent all day preparing it! It Starts With The Noodles High-quality noodles make all the difference…

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Pairing Wine with Pasta Dishes

Picking a wine to pair with your favorite pasta recipe doesn’t have to be challenging. Each pasta style has a perfect match! Here’s everything you need to know about pairing wine with pasta dishes! Quick Notes on Wine There are a few key details among wine varietals that make them each unique, including: Acidity Tannins Sweetness Body Each of these details plays a key role when pairing wines with pasta dishes, but the body of the wine is one of the most important factors to pay attention to. Body describes how the wine feels in your mouth, which can be…

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Our Favorite Types of Pasta Sauce

Pasta lovers are often left with a big dinnertime decision: what sauce should we use to enhance our noodles tonight? This pasta sauce guide will help you  narrow down your sauce-making decisions with a range of scrumptious choices. Explore some of our favorite types of pasta sauce, and shop Tantillo Foods pasta sauces to complete your next meal!   Tantillo Foods Imported Pasta Sauces Tantillo has the perfectly constructed, handmade sauces for any culinary application. Each sauce is crafted using only the freshest ingredients and made in the old-world style of low slow simmering to develop the very best flavor:…

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The Benefits of Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is very special. For centuries, olive oil has been a nutritional staple in kitchens around the world—and a quintessential ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine. In this post, we’ll explore the many benefits of cooking with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), from its health benefits to cooking applications. Try a bottle of Tantillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil to see the difference for yourself in the kitchen!   Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Hearts Love EVOO Extra virgin olive oil contains a high number of monounsaturated fat molecules. These are the good fats that are necessary fuel…

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The Ultimate Griddle Cooking Guide: Best Oil, Seasoning & Cooking Tips

Griddle cooking is the outdoor non-grilling trend that’s giving folks a fun ‘al fresco’ dining experience. The weather forgot to RSVP to your BBQ? No problem, break out the stovetop griddle for an indoor picnic… it’s all good and equally delicious! In this griddle cooking guide, we’ll discuss all the ins and outs of using your griddle—from how to properly season your flat top to best cooking oils to use and all the fun things you can cook with it! Season Your Griddle! While it can impart some extra flavor to your meals, seasoning your griddle is more important than…

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Why Try Bronze Die Pasta? Know Your Noodle

What makes a good pasta? Well, according to the Italians, it’s a combination of quality ingredients, traditional old-world recipes and… a bronze die. A bronze die is the ultimate pasta-making tool, a mold used in traditional Italian noodle cutting and shaping for centuries. Here are just a few reasons to try bronze die pasta! Shop Tantillo Imported Artisanal Pasta to taste the difference for yourself!   The World Loves Pasta There isn’t a place on this planet that pasta hasn’t infiltrated. It’s total noodle takeover. While pasta is believed to have originated in ancient Asia, it most often brings to…

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The Benefits of Cooking with Avocado Oil

The Benefits of Cooking with Avocado Oil Gourmands, novice cooks, and food fanatics are all falling in love with avocado oil! Avocados are more than just great toast toppers, taco accoutrements, or salad fillers. This wonder fruit (yes, avocados are a fruit) provides an oil rich in flavor and health benefits. In this post, we’ll explore the many marvelous benefits of cooking with avocado oil! Try a bottle of Tantillo Avocado Oil to see the difference for yourself in the kitchen!   Health Benefits of Avocado Oil Avocado oil is made by pressing the pulp, then extracting and filtering out…

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