Creating your own garnishes and condiments is a great thing. Lately, I’ve been into making my own, while I haven’t made a ketchup or mustard…I have made some other pretty cool things. Herbs in particular are really fun to play around with. You can change up your salt, pepper, even oils. I like infusing things because while you’re cooking something so ordinary, you can jazz it up so easily! Even snacks are more fun, for example infusing hot pepper flakes into Tantillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes having bread and oil a totally different experience!

Try some of these!

Cilantro Oil
4 oz cilantro leaves and thin stems
1/3 cup Tantillo California Extra Virgin Olive Oil
½tsp kosher salt
2 garlic gloves, sliced
Combine in food processor and blend until smooth and thick
(idea: use alongside a white fish to confuse your taste buds)

Mint Oil
Cook mint in hot Tantillo California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Let sit and cool.
(idea: try coating your steamed vegetables with minty goodness)

Rosemary Salt
Drop a stalk (or 2, let’s get crazy) of rosemary into sizzling Tantillo California Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Take out and chop up until fine and mix into sea salt (idea: sprinkle this on tomatoes to release the juices
while having an herbal fiesta)

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