Tomatilloes are unusual piece of produce that many people know little about. They resemble an unripe green tomato, but don’t get the two confused! Tomatilloes are also known as a “husk tomato” or “green tomato” and are frequently used in Latin American recipes. Covered by a green husk that usually turns brown and opens by harvest time, you’ll find a fruit that is either green, yellow, red and sometimes even purple.

Tomatilloes have great storage capacity, lasting in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. If you remove the husk and store just the fruit in a sealed plastic bag, they can last even longer. For even longer duration, tomatilloes can be frozen either whole or sliced. When you want to cook with tomatilloes, simply remove the husk and wash the fruit. This fruit goes great in raw salads, and things like garlic, onions, mint and basil bring out their natural delicious flavor. Pick up some tomatilloes and give them a try!

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