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When you’re craving the culinary comforts of Italian cooking, only the finest pasta will do. Tantillo is thrilled to offer a selection of imported pasta made with old-world methods and the choicest ingredients. Shop today!

The Finest Ingredients

Each small batch of Tantillo pasta is crafted using the best durum wheat semolina. Durum wheat semolina flour is the coveted and preferred flour for Italian artisanal pasta making, giving noodles that rich golden hue and perfect chew. Adding in pure water ensures that the noodles will maintain a clean, fresh flavor in every batch—giving you the truest traditional taste of pasta.

Bronze Die Cut

Italian’s have been using bronze cut dies to extrude their pastas since the creation of the noodle! This traditional practice gives our pasta a slightly coarser and more porous texture. This provides the perfect surface for all manner of delicious sauces!

Other companies use a less-traditional die to cut their pasta, like Teflon for example, making their noodles so slick that there’s nothing for the sauce to cling to. At Tantillo, we strive for tradition and quality, bringing you rich Italian flavors in every bite.

Air Dried To Perfection

The final step in Tantillo’s long-established pasta making process is the way we dry our noodles. Air drying pasta has been used in traditional Italian kitchens for centuries to achieve that ultimate al dente texture.

At Tantillo, we hand arrange each noodle on wooden looms, making sure there is sufficient air flow for even drying. These trays are rotated and shifted for up to 20 hours to ensure the final product is dried to perfection.

Shop Tantillo Today

All of this ingredient fussing and hard work is well worth the effort. At Tantillo, each package of pasta is given the VIP treatment and will perform splendidly in your recipes. Order a bag of your favorite pasta style today, with classic options like Conchiglioni and Fusilloni!

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