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A good pasta sauce is vital to any traditional or modern take on Italian cuisine. Whether you’re making a simple pasta pomodoro or recreating Nonna’s manicotti, Tantillo has the perfectly constructed, handmade sauces for any culinary application. Each sauce is crafted using only the freshest ingredients and made in the old-world style of low slow simmering to develop the very best flavor.

Crafting the Perfect Sauce

It all begins with sourcing the very best ingredients. At Tantillo, we source our sauce ingredients from the acclaimed Parma region of Italy. This region is well known for its incredible produce, iconic recipes and old-world traditions.

Each of our sauces is slowly simmered with tomatoes grown ripe in the Italian sun and seasoned with only the finest and freshest basil, garlic and olive oil. Each recipe is precisely crafted to maintain tradition and maximize flavor.

Our Sauces


Pomodoro is a fresh tasting sauce that is versatile for use in many dishes. Fresh Parma tomatoes are slowly simmered with fresh basil, garlic, onions, olive oil and perfectly seasoned with flaky sea salt. Pasta pomodoro is perfect for a quick fix meal or as a side dish for those traditional Sunday suppers!


This zesty, spicy sauce is the perfect companion to any side or seafood forward pasta dish. A peppery combination of hot chilies and cracked black pepper rounds out the slow simmered tomatoes seasoned with a touch of fresh basil, garlic and flaky sea salt.

Tomato Basil

Tomato Basil is one of the most flavorful and adaptable pasta sauces. We love it! This sauce is the perfect pairing for everything from chicken parmesan to homemade meatballs. Fresh Parma tomatoes are slowly simmered with fresh basil, garlic, onions, olive oil and expertly seasoned with flaky sea salt.

Vodka Sauce

This rich, flavorful sauce is the perfect balance of sun ripened tomatoes and vodka, creating a creamy mouthfeel that’s perfect for a rustic noodle dish. Consider serving with a sautéed chicken breast for a truly hearty meal.

Pair Our Sauces With Pasta, Of Course!

When you’re craving the culinary comforts of Italian cooking, only the finest pasta will do. Tantillo Artisanal Pastas are made with old-world craftsmanship and the choicest ingredients to provide the perfect pairing for Tantillo Imported Pasta Sauces.

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