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Whether you’re searching for a healthy cooking oil or a flavorful finishing oil, Tantillo has a range of options for all tastes and recipes. Each bottle of oil in our collection is made from the finest ingredients for the freshest flavor and the most robust culinary applications. Shop today!

Avocado Oil

Our avocado oil is a popular, healthy option that’s made using the finest quality avocados. Cold pressed to lock in freshness and flavor, avocado oil is perfect for high heat stovetop cooking, homemade salad dressings or baking!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tantillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sourced from the finest olive groves in the Mediterranean. Each batch is cold pressed to seal in the freshest flavor, making this oil a perfect everyday option for salads or a light finishing drizzle.

Flavored Oils

Each bottle of flavored oil, like our Roasted Garlic Flavored Olive Oil, is sourced from the finest olive groves in the Mediterranean and then expertly infused with delicious flavors. These bold and tasty oils are the perfect way to bring a boost of flavor to any dish.

Sunflower Oil

We offer several artful sunflower oil blends that are great for experimentation in the kitchen. Try our Sunflower & Avocado Oil, Sunflower & EVOO, and Sunflower & Grapeseed blends for something truly special! Sunflower oil is healthy and applicable in high heat cooking methods, making it a versatile and necessary ingredient for any kitchen.

Organic Oils

We are thrilled to offer several organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil selections in our collection. Tantillo Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from organic olives grown on the sun-drenched orchard covered slopes of California or the Mediterranean. Each batch is cold pressed to lock in all the natural flavors for a rich, bold and bright oil that’s perfect for finishing, dipping, dunking or drizzling.

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