Tantillo Imported Italian Pomodoro Pasta Sauce 35oz (Pack of 2)


We wanted to bring to you a true old world sauce made with ingredients from Italy.

The journey in creating our Tantillo Pasta Sauce begins in the Parma Region of Northern Italy, which is known worldwide as The Food Valley. This Valley is nurtured by snowmelt from the great Alps, which is carried along by the longest river in Italy, the Po River. As the Po River crisscrosses its path across the Pianura Padana (Po River Plain) we will find our Italian Tomatoes growing in the sunlight and soaking in the nutrient water from the Alps. From here the Italian Tomatoes are brought to Piedmont to be made into our renowned Pasta Sauce. The ingredients are slowly cooked and married together at precise measurements and time to heighten the complete flavor profile in each of our sauce varieties. Keeping our carbon footprint down, the Tantillo Pasta Sauces are crafted in a facility that is 65% powered by solar energy.

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