Olive Oil Ice CreamThe olive oil flavor comes through beautifully, but it's not at all a savory ice cream that leaves you feeling confused. It's 100% dessert. Olive Oil is also a super healthy fat that is extremely heart healthy, so you can feel (kinda) guilt-free while enjoying a bowl-full of this goodness. I mean, it's basically a salad.
Wild Baked ApplesThere are few desserts that are more comforting and easier to make than baked apples. In place of dried cranberries, you can use any dried fruit such as dried cherries. You can also switch from sherry to Marsala, Madeira, or a fruit-flavored brandy. Makes 8 Servings.
Watermelon GranitaThe difference between a sorbet and a granita is texture. Sorbets are smooth, whereas granitas are coarse. Makes 4 servings.
Simple SyrupSimple syrup can be used in drinks and desserts. Plus, it’s so easy to make.
Frosted GrapesThis is a simple snack or garnish for dessert that’s easy to make. Kids might like to join in the fun. Makes about 4 Servings.
Blood Orange SorbetThe juice of blood oranges makes a dramatic presentation in this dish. It’s intense, some might even say ghoulish color, provides a wonderful contrast when paired with pale, thin, butter cookies. Makes 2 Servings. - See more at: https://tantillofoods.com/recipe/blood-orange-sorbet/#sthash.NcvWmO2A.dpuf
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