Summer Fruit SoupThis is a great start to any summer barbecue. It is also an excellent intermezzo. Leftovers can be used to make a healthful and delicious fruit smoothie the next day. Makes 6 servings.
Plums poached in PortPlums take well to poaching and make a marvelous fat-free breakfast dish, or try them as a simple dessert by themselves or over fat-free frozen yogurt. Make 4 Servings.
Date and Papaya SaladThis is something a little different for your breakfast fruit cup. If you can’t find fresh dates, dried dates will do but you may want to cut back a little on the honey. Makes 4 servings.
Kiwifruit SaladSince kiwifruit is often described as having elements of citrus, strawberry, and melon, we decided to put them all together for an intense kiwi experience. Makes 4 Servings.
Watermelon GranitaThe difference between a sorbet and a granita is texture. Sorbets are smooth, whereas granitas are coarse. Makes 4 servings.
Frosted GrapesThis is a simple snack or garnish for dessert that’s easy to make. Kids might like to join in the fun. Makes about 4 Servings.
Blood Orange SorbetThe juice of blood oranges makes a dramatic presentation in this dish. It’s intense, some might even say ghoulish color, provides a wonderful contrast when paired with pale, thin, butter cookies. Makes 2 Servings. - See more at: