Our private label products have garnered national recognition

through their exceptional quality, innovation, and customer appeal. We are humbled and proud to receive these accolades:

Private Label Manufactures Association

Store Brands Game Changer

Progressive Grocer Editors Picks

Our tailor-made Private Label capabilities span across all of our current product ranges, and more. Elevate your in-store brand experience with our white label options that rival the most renowned National Brands. We offer a diverse set of product & bottle sizes, and our in-house graphic designer can help with creating your brand image to meet your company’s needs.

Lemon Juices

When it comes to our juices, we source from regions that are renowned for their vibrance of farmlands and fruit quality – California, Spain, and Sicily. Whether you’re savoring the pure essence of 100% juice variants or exploring the convenience of concentrate options, one thing remains paramount: freshness. We pride ourselves in delivering a product that ensures each sip is a burst of flavor that reflects the pristine fruit from which it’s derived

Italian Pasta Sauces

Our line of sauces are proudly produced outside of Torino, Italy and are crafted through a culinary tradition that has been cherished and handed down through the generations. Through skillful method, every sauce encapsulates the rich heritage of time-honored mastery and captures the explosive flavor of Italian-grown tomatoes from which these recipes originate.

Avocado Oils

Our Avocado Oils have earned a reputation for their exceptional freshness. Whether you’re cooking with 100% Avocado Oil, or seeking a culinary adventure with an infused Avocado Oil, each product will delight with it’s captivating flavor and versality in the kitchen.

Private/White Label products are packed by T&M Imports dba Tantillo Foods at SQF Certified facilities and branded with your company’s label/brand.

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